Defies Explanation

The Police in Almería arrested a Spanish couple over the alleged sexual abuse of their own 15-month old baby.

The couple had taken their baby daughter to Hospital Torrecádenas in Almería because the child was suffering from ‘strong abdominal pains.’ In the examination the resident paediatricians carried out explorations and detected lesions in the genital area that suggested a possible ‘aggression.’

Following hospital protocol they alerted the Policía Nacional, who questioned the couple, after which the parents were arrested and brought before a judge pending trial. After making their declaration, they were released without bail, pending further information from the ongoing police investigations.

The Servicio de Protección de Menores de la Junta de Andalucia took custody of the baby as soon as she was released from hospital.

The police have not ruled out other arrests within the family circle, as they suspect that others could have been involved, for which reason the above mentioned child protection service has not awarded temporary wardship to other family members. Instead the child protection agency is considering giving temporary wardship (six months) to another foster family so that the child spends as little time as possible in this institution.

(News: Almeria, Andalucia)

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