The Topical Ticket?

The provincial law court of Sevilla has sentenced two young men to 13 years imprisonment each for burglary and the murder of a priest on the 6th of October, 2010; 12.5 years for murder and six months for burglary. The Public Prosecutor had asked for 18 years and a compensation figure of 90,000 euros.

Christian M.D. and Juan Manuel L.E. denied having murdered Father Ernesto Muñoz, claiming that it had been ‘accidental,’ having occurred whilst they were having sex with him in his bedroom. They said that they had panicked and fled (and just happened to clean out the house whilst rushing for the door?).

They claimed that they both agreed to the priest’s request for sexual favours ‘out of gratitude’ for how well he had always treated them.

Finally, according to their account, the priest had ‘put a pillow over his own face out of shame or out of pleasure,’ and that they had at no time pressed down onto it.

(News: Sevilla, Andalucia)

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