Motril’s Emergency Mobile Hospital

Whilst over in Almuñécar the fire service is breaking out the party hats and farting cushions over their latest acquisition – a brand new fire engine – the Motril fire service is busily unwrapping their prezzie, too!

In five minutes flat, the flat tent can be inflated into its full glory. But this is no ordinary tent, obviously, because it is a mini, mobile hospital, designed to be used as a sort of medical command centre in major catastrophe zones, capable of providing ten hospital beds. It has its own internal lighting, two doors, four windows and is designed to support extreme temperatures – but not a lunatic with a large, sharp pin, evidently. It even has an inflatable shower for decontamination use.

This item, like the Almuñécar fire engine, was provided by the Provincial Consortium of Fire Services, using UNESPA funds, which in this case amounted to 50,000 euros.

Councillor for Citizen Safety, Manuel Ballesteros, pointed out how in the last three years (corresponding to a period in which his party has been at the helm, naturally) the Motril Fire Service has made great efforts to improve its material and personnel assets, including new vehicles, a thermal camera, 60 helmets and a soon-to-be-acquired emergency lighting system.

The councillor also pointed out that the fire service has been pretty busy, operating on an average of three call outs a day so far this year, with an average response time of seven minutes, 40 seconds.

Well, they’re certainly earning their keep, in that case, and deserve all the support of the town that they watch over.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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