Scary Bend Offends

Anybody who has driven down from the Punta de la Mona junction by the iron cactus, down El Camino Real and attempted to turn right to access Barrio Espinar from the top will have had a shaky moment, trying to haul their car round the tight bend with the nasty drop.


For this very same reason the PSOE opposition party want the Town Hall to install a crash barrier at this point on Calle Sauce as there have been just too many close calls not to install such a barrier.

The PSOE Councillor, Censi Ruiz, also wants some sort of speed control because she claims that some drivers take advantage of the steep downhill run to hurtle down there. Her idea of ‘speed limiters’ are elevated pedestrian crossings and more Policía Local on traffic duty.

“The Town Hall must react and solve this problem,” she said, pointing out that the problem had been brought to their attention on numerous occasions by the locals. For this reason, her party will be putting forward such a motion at the next plenary meeting of the Town Council.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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