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Bridge Gets Pedestrian Pavement

The municipal Maintenance Department for La Herradura has been busy sorting out the pedestrian pavement on the bridge over the Barranco del Espinar, giving access the barrio of that name and La Cañada.

Scary Bend Offends

Anybody who has driven down from the Punta de la Mona junction by the iron cactus, down El Camino Real and attempted to turn right to access Barrio Espinar from the top will have had a shaky moment, trying to haul their car round the tight bend with the nasty drop.The

Just Too Tight

The PSOE has requested that something be done about the junction where Calle Real and Calle Sauces meet. It’s a very tight bend with a bloody great drop next to it. Now, unless I’m mistaken, that is the horrendous bend as you come down the Camino Real and have to make very sharp, right-hand turn,…