Alleged Car Thief Arrested

The Guardia Civil and Policía Local have arrested the alleged thief responsible for breaking into seven parked cars around town. This is not to be confused with the Great Mirror Thief of Moroccan origin, as this lad is Spanish and is aged 38.

Anyway, there was a litany of theft reports coming in from irate car owners over a short period of time, all using the same modus operandi.

Both police forces staked out the area where most of the thefts had taken place and lo, they caught the light-fingered lad red handed – allegedly. He did manage to run off, but he had already been identified so the Guardia went to his house and arrested him.

Once arrested it was discovered that he was also behind another theft – reportedly – on the 7th of January when after smashing a side window of a Citroën and gaining access, he was surprised by the car owner. On this previous occasion he also managed to beat a hasty retreat but not without leaving his shifty fingerprints, which is why after being arrested, the police could match the crime with the alleged culprit.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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