Town Hall Electric Cut

(Metropolitan Granada) The Town Hall of Otura had its electricity supply cut for a few hours as a warning over its unpaid electricity bill. The staff saw all their computers and other electrical equipment, as well as the lights, die for a period of one hour – the point had been made.

The Mayor, Ignacio Fernández, wasn’t impressed and he complained bitterly that they had already reached an agreement with the utility company, Endesa, whereby the Town Hall would hand over 50% of the outstanding sum. In fact, the Mayor claims that it is Endesa who owes the Town Hall money…

But whoever owes money to whom, it is always the electricity company that has control of the ‘on/off’ switch, a fact which is not lost on them, as most citizens know.

Should a Town Hall be immune to the consequences of owing money to others – nobody would argue that they should be, but can a utility company deny the nerve centre of a town its electricity supply, to the detriment of the entire municipal population?

Mind you, this is not the only problem that Sr. Fernández (PP) has on his plate at the moment, either: the Public Prosecutor is recommending three years barred from holding public office again over his alleged refusal to furnish information to the opposition parties, which they are legally entitled to. The judge has heard  the evidence offered by both parties and will soon be delivering a verdict.

(News: Otura, Vega de Granada, Granada, Andalucia)

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