Sabina Anniversary

On the 1st December Restaurant Café Bar Sabina will have been around for a whole year!
Although Sabina is closing for a well-earned rest from 16th November, she will be re-opening on 1st December and if you want to help her celebrate her first year pop in and join her in a glass of Sangria.
In only twelve short months, Sabina’s has become a very welcome addition to Almuñécar’s culinary crowd, and I am not surprised in the slightest that every time I look down towards this great venue near the old post office just off Paseo Puerta del Mar, from my balcony, the place is always doing well.
Congratulations on your first year Sabina, from all at The Seaside Gazette.
Restaurante-Cafe-Bar Sabina, Paseo Puerta del Mar, Almuñécar. Tel. 958 630 245 or 629 882 696.

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