Teacher Cheated on Exams?

(Almeria) The Public Prosecutor is recommending a jail sentence for an ex-teacher who allegedly forged examination results so that six of her  students failed.

The P.P. recommends a total of four years’ imprisonment for I.M.P.R., who was a university professor at the UAL (University of Almeria), for falsification of public documents and 20 months’ fine at twelve euros per day for each of the six cases, and for good measure, he is also recommending a further 4-year barring from any teaching position.

According to the Public Prosecutors report, the said teacher had been working in the Nursing Area of the faculty during 2006 and 2007, specifically, giving classes on Caring Methodology, at 3rd-year level. At the end of 2006 she put in for sick leave and a temporary teacher took her place. However, during the time of her absence no fewer than 106 students signed a complaint against her over her teaching methods. She was not impressed.

In the meantime, the substitute teacher carried out exams in January and six of the female students that had received negative results from the accused, now received pass marks, and in one case, high ones. However, the teacher returned to the university and it was her task  to sign the exam results given by the substitute teacher, which was when the pass marks allegedly and mysteriously were dropped down to 4.5, or in other words, fail marks.

According to the Public Prosecutor, these alterations do not correspond to any academic reasoning… and now comes the most interesting part! Once the exam results were published, the teacher called in each of the six students and allegedly suggested that they should officially retract their previous complaint and in consequence the examination results would be ‘adjusted to their original value.’ The students retracted and the original pass marks were restored.

Editoral Analysis: Can anybody help but ask themselves how somebody, who if found guilty, would only be banned from teaching for four years – surely once a person has betrayed, in this manner, the trust of their employers and students, they should be banned permanently from teaching? A similar incongruity exists when a politician is caught with his hands in the cookie jar and receives a only limited barring from holding public office.

(city of Almeria, Almeria, Andalucia)

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