Joint Taxis

Nope! This has nothing to do with sharing a taxi, but with joints as in ‘spliffs.’ The Police came across three taxi drivers, waiting for clients, smoking away on a marihuana joint next to Malaga train station… they were impressed!

The city’s Local Police had received a tip-off that taxi drivers were smoking joints whilst on duty, so they passed the information onto Gemac (plain clothes branch) in the late afternoon one Friday.

They saw how two drivers go into the taxi of another and ‘appeared to be passing a joint around.’ The police approached to indentify and search them and also came up with a small packet of white powder, reportedly cocaine, as well as a small ball of hashish.

While they were busy processing the two taxi drivers, they saw another driver, further down the line of taxis, apparently smoking a joint as well, so they collared him, too.

The Local Police have submitted a report, containing the names of the taxi drivers, to the Instituto Municipal de Taxi.

(News: Malaga, Costa del Sol, Andalucia)

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