Radar Arson

Courtesy of the Guardia Civil

A radar installation that is used to monitor seaborne drug trafficking has suffered its second arson attack, this time causing damage valued at a million euro.

The SIVE (radar and infra-red detection chain) runs right along the coast of Andalucia enabling security forces to detect even the smallest of craft out on the sea. Illegal immigrants arriving in pateras had to land further and further along to coast, towards the east, as the radar chain extended along the whole of Costa de Sol, and then La Costa Tropical.

These installations are very effective and the drug runners know it, which is why they are sabotaging them. This latest attack was carried out by men in ski masks, who broke into the cabin and torched all the sophisticated equipment.

Consequently, with one of the three installations on the Costa de Sol out of action, there’s a blind spot that is being exploited. The now damaged radar installation had only been back in action for 20 days after the last attack when they struck this second time.

The Guardia Civil at the headquarters saw the attack taking place on CCTV, but even though a patrol was dispatched immediately, there was no sign of the attackers when they arrived. Firemen from nearby Velez-Malaga were called in but there was little that they could do to save the sensitive equipment.


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