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Going on holiday is supposed to be fun, but what if you fall sick? It does happen. And what do you do if you have chosen the south of Spain for your permanent residence and need healthcare but still haven’t got your tongue around the Spanish language yet? Perhaps you simply prefer a more personal and comfortable approach? Problems, problems…

Well, over in Nerja, the Clínica Santa Cecilia, an extremely well-rounded, health-care centre, could be what you’re looking for. Staffed by a mixture of European and American doctors and nurses, who speak English, German and Spanish, the Clínica works in a wide variety of areas, including, but not exclusive to, general medicine, psychology, urology, gynaecology, midwifery, dermatology, instant strep and flu tests, blood tests, emergencies (they even pay house calls!); specialists are arranged by appointment, and if hospital admission is required they will deal with this as well.

The Clínica’s approach to healthcare isn’t limited to “you’re sick, here’s a pill and a shot, now get outta here,” but rather looks at the problem by placing the patient in a healing environment. This is much more important than you might think. All the rooms in the clinic have access to natural daylight; said rooms are decorated in a calming, natural style; and instead of elevator music the patient will hear Baroque music, which is known to be particularly relaxing in its effects.

Being comfortable and relaxed goes a long way to helping patients under treatment. All this, in tandem with the professionalism and expertise of the staff, makes the Clinic of vital importance to the community.

Located at C/ Los Huertos, 46 in Nerja (next to the Hotel Nerja Princesa), it is open from 9 till 7, and the 24-hour telephone line is 952 521 024. The Clínica Santa Cecilia is well worth checking out. Your health is the most important thing about you.

(The Ed) Parking couldn’t be handier as there is huge, free parking lot just behind the clinic and the two are linked by a short alley.

To find the parking and thus the clinic, follow the old N-340 into Nerja from Maro, until the fourth roundabout, where you will see a sign for the Parador (indicating exit at 9 o’clock; i.e. taking the left exit). Take this road for the Parador (Calle Rodríguez Acosta). Cross directly over the next roundabout and then turn right, where you will soon come to a large, open, parking area. Park a close as you can to the right hand side as you enter. Simply walk through the alley next to the bar and you will emerge 15 metres from the clinic, on your right.

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