Life-Giving Leaks

I went to have a shower the other day, as usual, only to find there was merely a dribble of water. I start shouting, “Chris, Chris, Chrrriiissssss,” Nothing. I get out get dressed and stagger up the back, can’t breathe, to find him by the water pressure pump. Having a Miss Marple moment I think to myself, well that explains the dribble.”

As I get closer he looks up with concern on his face, the look of a man with a serious problem. I asked him what he was doing and why the pressure pump was off. Shaking his head he says, “We’ll have to do without pressure for a while because I can’t fix this leak.”

He’s like MacGyver; he can fix anything. As I finally get there I see that where the pump has been leaking there is a little pool of water, an oasis surrounded by dryness. In said pool are about twelve teeny tiny frogs or toads, don’t know which, as big as my little fingernail…soooo cute. So that’s that until they move on we have no water pressure in the house!

Now a desperate plea on behalf of CAS in Nerja. Can you be a foster parent? Sometimes for a week sometimes longer while the dogs are waiting to go to their new homes abroad. If so pop in and see me and I’ll fill you in and give you Wendy’s number.

They are inundated with dogs at the moment and really need a hand and fostering is a great way to help without the commitment of a permanent pet.

If you are in a position to give a dog a permanent home all their dogs are on their website and will soon be on mine. There are eight adorable puppies in desperate need of a home, they were found in a rubbish bin and are currently being looked after by a foster mum but she can’t have them for long as she also has several dogs she has taken in. If anyone has a breed dog and wants a free groom, I need candidates to work on as I have a student learning to groom.

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