British Tourist Dies

Tragic news was reported on the 21st of July, when an English tourist drowned off Playa Granada, owing to intense stomach cramp brought on by bathing to soon after having eaten.

The 30-year-old Englishman, Keivan Yazeeian, had been spending his holiday at the Hotel Robinson with his uncles, according to the Ideal provincial newspaper.
The young man entered the water at 15.30h – possibly the worse possible time – and died instantly. He lost consciousness almost straight away and had died before anybody could reach him, even though he had been standing in the water near the beach.

Apart from the ambulance, which was there in under five minutes, the hotel had a doctor, as well as their being five doctors staying as guests there, all of whom were immediately at hand. But all was to no avail.

This was the second death in only 24 hours because a 38-year-old man was found in the water just off La Charca de Salobreña. He had evidently drowned whilst swimming because his car keys and documents were on the sand, next to his towel.

The staff at Hotel Robinson was particularly affected by Keivan’s death as he was a habitual guest and was liked by everybody.

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