Camac in Órgiva

Who in the Alpujarra or the coast hasn’t heard about Camac Shop in Orgiva? Even myself used to come to spend the weekend around away from the coast in the search of fresh air and I used to do my shopping there to bring home my favourite English products. For those that didn’t know (I didn’t and is quite a story) Camac was started about 20 years ago as wholefoods, brought over from the UK and sold from the back of a van. It went from there to bigger selections sold from a room in Clare’s house and later into premises in Órgiva. Well, you can tell they are doing well!
Sharon, Terry and Phoebe now run the shop and have included a wide range of English, international and frozen foods, including a huge variety of vegetarian food, such as Linda McCarney’s, and Quorn! The biggest selection I’ve seen in the area and the more importantly, the prices are kept as affordable as possible, which in times of crisis is something to be grateful for.
Why not spend a day of in the Alpujarra for a change? Don’t forget to pay a visit to Camac. You’ll fine all you like and much more!

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