New Boulevard in P-4

ALM New Boulevard(This article was originally published in November 2009 and is visible now so that readers can look at what was happening on the Costa Tropical back then.)

Hey, we’ve got a new boulevard, sort of thing. It runs down side of the river in the P-4. I’m not sure how far it goes down, but it looks as if it runs all the way down to the tennis courts, near the main road.

A suitable plaque was unveiled on the inauguration day, and Benny and a smattering of councillors cut the tape to this 272,160-euro project.

“The P-4 has turned into the economic lung of Almuñécar,” said the Mayor, “which now has recreation space in which to stroll or simply relax.”

He listed the amenities within the P-4, including the stadium, high school, paddle & tennis courts, kiddies’ play park and the medical centre.

The question is; will the P-4 be gunning for independence, now that they have even got a petrol station and post office?

Whipping off the rose-coloured glasses, it may catch your eye that apart from there being nil visibility on any of the junctions, thanks to the Borneo-Jungle-imitation zebra-crossing gardens, there is not one bank in the whole P-4, much less a cash machine, other than the one next to El Día.

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