PP Thumbs Down for Mayor

The local branch of the PP (conservatives) have described the first two years of the Mayor’s present term of office as ‘disastrous.’ For good measure, they also threw in: disappointing and pathetic.
The head of the local branch, Trinidad Herrera, says that the Mayor has no idea how to run a municipality during a time of crisis such as this one and that in these last two years there has not been one investment made with municipal funds.
Sra. Herrera claims that the CA (the governing party) has not put into motion any of the projects that they promised during there election campaign (*Gasp!* A politician hasn’t come up with the goods concerning election promises… How can this be? Absolutely unheard of!) The failed promises include a day centre for the aged, a fire station, a sub-aquatic theme park, the restoration of the castle in La Herradura (old Guardia Civil post), amongst others.
The only public works that have been carried out, says Sra. Herrera, have been ones included in the state Plan E with Central Government funds, because the Mayor couldn’t spend the money elsewhere.

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