Summer Over

The summer is just about done, and the sensible will have arrived back, or will soon be arriving back from northern Europe after escaping the August madness of ‘blue-zone blues,’ packed beaches, short tempers in cars and suicidal youths on mopeds.
Was the summer a success for our local businesses? Well early indications are that it was definitely better than most people had dared hope for.
On a personal level, this summer has been tinged with sadness, as for the last few weeks I have known that I will be moving out of the village for at least a few months, while my wife Di is in England having our baby, and to save some much needed dinero, I will be moving to Almuñécar for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, around January or February, Di will be back with our son, and we can move back to La Herradura and slip back into village life, like we had never been away.
We have both truly enjoyed our 14 months here, and have made some great friends, who we will both miss very much. Of course, you will still have to put up with me, as I will still be around with my ‘manbag’ and file clutched under my arm, looking lost and boring anybody that will listen with my usual tales of lost boxing matches to account for my rugged good looks, too much office work to account for my paunch and too much time working with the Ed to account for my lack of any financial stability!

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