Law Court Building Delayed

One of the things that literally thousands of visitors to Almuñécar missed this summer, whilst driving around, looking desperately for somewhere to park, was the habitual, improvised parking area in the P-4, on the plot where the new law courts are to be built – behind Las Gondolas. Both these much-needed parking lots were closed.
You would have thought it was because the building work on the law courts was to begin, but you would have been mistaken. Not a sausage, not a brick not even a pert JCB poised meaningfully…
In fact, the Palacio de Justicia won’t have any funds assigned to it until next year, as part of the 2010 budget. That, at least, is what the Councillor promised at the Justicia y Administración Pública in the Junta, over in Sevilla.
The said lady, Begoña Álvarez, wouldn’t be drawn on when physical work would begin, claiming that it depended on a lot of paperwork, permissions and farting around. However, last October the Junta promised that work would commence after this summer – like, now, which seems to have gone by the by. The local party leader of the PSOE, Francisco Prados, afterwards announced that the project would have a budget of 1.5m euros and would take 18 months from start to finish…
Five years have gone by since the Almuñécar Town Hall offered the 3,860m plot to the Junta.

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