Shooting Near Majuelo

ALM Majuelo Park OnLThis article was originally published in June 2009 and is visible now so that readers can look at what was happening on the Costa Tropical back then.

As this Almuñécar section progresses, it will become increasingly obvious that this has been a crime-filled year for our town, because the next article deals with the arrest of nine men, accused of attempted murder. The suspected men are aged between 20 and 27. The victim is no less than the alleged ringleader mentioned above.

The incident occurred near the Parque Majuelo at 13.30, at the beginning of March, when two of the now arrested men pulled out a pistol and a shotgun and fired a total of four rounds at the victim. According to their version of events, they had opened fire because they saw him put his hand in his pocket and thought that he was going to draw a gun.

The victim was taken to Motrils’ Santa Ana Hospital, where he received treatment to a wound in his arm. The police, on the other hand are still searching for the 6.25mm calibre pistol that was used in the confrontation, as well as the shotgun.

Much more recently, around the middle of last month, during a single day there were two separate incidents. An Italian man tried to carry out an armed robbery at the Chill Out Lounge (Dallas) on the lower paseo. Nicola Euesden, who runs the bar with her husband, John, had gone there in the afternoon to clean up and to meet a friend, who was present when the incident occurred.

The accused allegedly walked into the bar and stood there without saying anything. Thinking that he wanted a drink, she told him that the bar wasn’t open and for him to go. He responded by telling her that if she said that to him again, “you will get this,” and pulled out the pistol.

At this point, according to the victim, he pushed her behind the bar, all the time holding the gun to her head, demanding money from her. She refused so he punched her and yanked her hair, repeating his demand. Again she refused only to be pushed to the floor and kicked. All this time she was also being threatened with the gun.

She screamed for her friend to find help, which she did, by running outside and shouting for help. The reaction of the accused was to casually walk out, mount his pushbike and peddle off, Nicola explained. Apparently, he cycled straight into a group of plain-clothed Guardia Civil officers and was arrested on the spot. The pistol turned out to be an imitation one, which doesn’t make the ordeal endured by Nicola any the less traumatic. After appearing before the Judge in Almuñécar, the man was released, pending trial.

Meanwhile, on the same day but later that evening, two Romanian men held up a bar owner in a nearby square, in the early hours of the morning, wielding a large knife. When he refused to co-operate, one of them slashed the victim’s arms, making it very clear that they meant business, so he handed over the takings.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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