Homeless Botellón

Much talked about in Motril last month was the relocation of the Botellón. For those of you still in the dark as to exactly what this bizarre Spanish tradition is, let me enlighten you: it’s where a bunch of young kids (usually below drinking age and wearing very little) gather together of an evening and get stupidly blind drunk on a mix of cheap red wine and coke (known as a calimocho) and then proceed at higher-than-normal decibels with naughty teenage shenanigans and mass vomiting.
It’s a tradition widely celebrated throughout Spain and although fuddy-duddy grown-ups don’t particularly appreciate it, they are powerless to try and stop it and instead, try and come up with ways to limit the damage.

Paseo Marítimo looking West

Paseo Marítimo looking West

In this particular case, fuddy-duddies of Motril is keen to move the Botellón away from the Paseo Maritmo and out of sight of tourists who might be given a somewhat bad impression of the place. Most agree that containing and relocating the carnage is a good idea however the Councillor for Youth, Nicolás Navarro, made a slight boo-boo by announcing that he intended to move the kids to the Playa Granada without first consulting nearby residents and business owners.
Oops! People got mad, seriously mad, and the decision was quickly overturned. Discussions are now ongoing as to where might be the most suitable location and possible suggestions include the municipal swimming pool area or La Playa del Cable. Watch this space for confirmation.

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