Motril descendents

A story of immigration, but in reverse. Last month the Mayor of Motril, Carlos Rojas, travelled to Albardón in Argentina, accompanied by Head of Immigration, Teresa Morales, to visit the Motril community there. He received a warm welcome from the hundreds of families that had requested his visit and who feel that, despite the time and distance, Motril is still their home.

According to government statistics the province of San Juan is home to an estimated 10,000 descendents of Motril, 2,500 of which live in the town of Albardón. Many were born in Motril and were particularly moved by the symbolic event organised by them.

The proceedings began with an official visit by the Mayor and Teresa Morales to the capital of San Juan. The province is governed in a similar way to the autonomous communities of Spain and the two were received by the President and his Vice, José Rubén Uñac, who bestowed upon the Mayor the title of ‘Honourable Citizen of San Juan’.

The emotional twinning party took place in the Civil Centre of Albardón and plenty of tears were shed at the reunion of people from Motril, Albardón, San Juan and even the neighbouring community of Mendoza.

In the speech given by the Mayor he declared to the audience that ‘the twinning was a recognition of them and their ancestors who came to this distant land seeking new opportunities in the year of 1890, including those who came as exiles of the Spanish Civil War.’ He dedicated a warm message from the town of Motril, to whom “they will always be tied.” He also referred to the twinning as an act of gratitude towards the province of San Juan.

Governor of the province, José Luis Gojia (previously vice president of Argentina), not wanting to miss the memorable event, managed to arrive just in the nick of time after flying by private jet straight from a meeting with the President, Cristina de Kitchner. She expressed her warmest greetings to the people of Motril and thanked them in a statement given to the national media.

To mark the event a special edition of one of the most important wines of the area was unveiled with the name ‘Motril’. The Mayor and Teresa Morales, who have been criticised over the cost of such a trip, would like it to be known that the trip was funded by themselves and not by the Council with taxpayers’ Money. Therefore setting an example to those politicians who might think to take advantage of their position to fund an exotic holiday abroad.

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