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Broke Waters in Open Waters

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil Servicio Marítimo had to deal with a child birth in a zodiac RIB 23 miles out from Motril Port Tuesday morning. »

Masquerading as Minors

By Hugh MacArthur

Many of the immigrants that are landed in Motril Port declare themselves as unaccompanied minors, and as they have no ID, it is difficult to prove otherwise. »

A Score of Immigrants Perish

By Vivienne Hughes

A few days ago 22 immigrants lost their lives attempting to cross to Spain in an open boat after it began drifting. The survivors were picked up by a passing ferry. »

Two Immigrant Craft Rescued

By Vivienne Hughes

Salvamento Marítimo rescued the 74 occupants of two RIBs yesterday afternoon, not far from the Isla de Alborán. »

18 Immigrants Rescued off Salobreña

By David Darby

The 18 occupants were all males with one minor amongst them. They were intercepted less than 100 metres from the beach in Salobreña and arrived in Motril at 12:30h. »

Immigrants Land in Almuñécar

By Hugh MacArthur

An open boat carrying 15 North Africans landed on San Cristobal Beach in Almuñécar on the morning of Thursday the 29th. »

More Immigrants Than Ever

By Hugh MacArthur

The number of immigrants being rescued out at sea and brought into Motril Port this summer reached 4,638. »

Bodies Identified as Immigrants

By Vivienne Hughes

It has been confirmed that the two bodies retrieved from the sea this week; one in La Herradura Bay and one several miles off Motril, were immigrants. »

Tent City Woes

By Hugh MacArthur

Placing 13 tents, capable of housing 20 people each, on a large expanse of concrete without drainage was not a good idea. »

Burst Sewer Pipe

By Hugh MacArthur

The rains yesterday, with more expected today, affected Motril on two fronts: the works on Calle Ancha and down in the immigrant tent site in the port. »

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