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March is Far from Over!

Just because we’re more than half way through March, doesn’t mean that we’ve got nothing left to look forward to until the chocolate Easter eggs. Spring is here and it’s time to get active!

Cycling up the Sierra Nevada

Well it may not quite be Camino de Santiago, but the challenge that brave local and foreign cyclists faced in reaching the peaks of Sierra Nevada, was not far short of a religious sporting experience! Certainly, at those heights, you can’t be far from heaven’s gates.

Lucky Escape Avalanche

It was was only last Spring that an experienced climber of Anglo-Spanish nationality lost his life in an avalanche in the Sierra Nevada. Now, with the last snowfalls of the season, another avalanche struck in the Los Tajos de la Virgen area, but this time, fortunately, without claiming any lives, although one man was injured.

Pathways to the Sky

if you aren’t sure where to go for a pleasant walkabout, just use your mobile to navigate to Eurorando 2011, which will give you all the poop on paths and happy trails, especially those to be found in Andalucia and the vecinity of El Padul.

Turismo Takkuss

There is an exciting new business in town called Turismo Takkuss. Takkuss is the Greenlandic expression for “See you.” It is owned and run by Laust Hojbjerg, originally from Denmark, and his Moroccan wife Sofia. Since opening on June 15th, this Activity Tourism Agency has been busy steady. I spoke with Laust to learn a…

La Herradura Riding

Trying to think of a top present for someone? Something a bit different than the usual perfume, pants or chocs? How about some riding lessons, with the lovely Karen at La Herradura Riding Centre where you can see the Spanish countryside as it should be seen.