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Expensive Impact

(Malaga) A man with mental problems jumped from a 9th-floor to end his life after escaping from a mental ward… which is unfortunate enough, but he landed on a passerby who had just walked out of a bar, causing quite a lot of bodily mischief, which is not only unfortunate but also arguably clumsy.

Expensive Foreigners

The Andalusian health service, SAS, spent two million euros treating foreigners, either residents or tourists, during 2010 in Granada alone. Mind you, they passed it on to the private insurance companies or the countries of origin of these patients.

Justice At Last

They were referring to the court sentence handed down by the Regional Supreme Court, (Tribunal Supremo de Justica de Andalucia), in which it recognises that the said doctor, Socorro Ricoy, was victimised at her place of work in the Hospital Virgen de la Nieves after she denounced that the lists were being manipulated in 2008.