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Kayak Klean Up

The Kayak Angling Clubs from Almuñécar and the Rincón de Gójar were busy one Sunday around the middle of September, cleaning up beaches and waters.

Punta Clean-Up

Volunteers working on the rocks around the Punta de la Mona as part of a clean up in La Herradura picked up almost 200 kilos of rubbish, some of which had obviously discarded by anglers.

Volunteer Anglers

After the clean up of the rocks around Playa Tesorillo in Almuñécar, volunteers will start on those around Peñón Punta de la Mona (Soguilla).

Bad Parking

A small speed boat or motor launch came to grief on the rocks at the end of the Fuente Piedra breakwater, which is more or less in front of Las Gondolas, Almuñécar.