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New Marina for Motril?

A proposed new marina could be in place in three or four years, and everybody’s talking about it.
Plans reveal berths for 800 boats floating in 97,000 square meters of water, and surrounded by a four-star hotel, restaurants, shops, and nautically-related businesses.

Unfulfilled Pledges

Here we are, a mere three months from the next local elections and one of the winning party’s election promises stands unfulfilled, which is hardly surprising seeing as things have gone pretty egg shaped since May 2007.

Pirates and Fishermen

A total of four fishing boats from Motril have set off to troubled waters, their families, neighbours and fellow fishermen fired off festive rockets when they threw off their mooring ropes in a vain attempt to raise their spirits.

Dry Dock for Motril Port

There are plans to build a dry dock right next to the Club Náutico, within Motril Port. The port authorities are putting it up to tender for a 10-year lease, extendible five years more with an investment needed of around 800,000 euros.

Port Collision

On the 10th of November at 13.00h there was a collision between a passenger ferry and a cargo ship/freighter, which resulted in a rupture of the ferry’s fuel tank and an oil spill of 3,000 litres.

Drainage System Overhaul

A total of 18m euros is going to be spent on improving the rain drainage system in Motril. The funds will be found from raising a surcharge on the normal water bills, so that within five years there will be enough to carry out this much-needed work.

New Medical Centre

The new medical centre, situated in the Varadero (port quarters) will be able to cover the needs of some 3,500 locals, according to the Mayor, Carlos Rojas. In other words, it will provide a medical service for the residents not only of El Varadero, but also of Santa Adela and Zona Sur of Motril.

Concrete Defecator

The Great Big Concrete Block Defecator – yes, that’s the primary function of that big machine that’s been parked just outside the Port of Motril for the past several weeks.