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SAS Pays Out

A man went to Hospital Santa Ana on the 8th of March 2015, complaining of an excruciating pain in his elbow – he had torn the distal tendon in his biceps. It was deemed necessary to operate on his arm but instead of solving the problem, they severed an important nerve in his arm, leaving…

Pink Panties Prank

When you are under anesthesia, you put your complete trust in the people who are going to be messing around with your body. For Andrew Walls, 32, this trust seems to have been misplaced.

Get Well Videos

As Dave explained in the February Gazette, my wife, Mari Jose was taken to hospital on the 7th of January and has since gone through two major brain operations.

Expensive Foreigners

The Andalusian health service, SAS, spent two million euros treating foreigners, either residents or tourists, during 2010 in Granada alone. Mind you, they passed it on to the private insurance companies or the countries of origin of these patients.