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November Gazette Now on Download!

The downloading PDF of the Seaside Gazette is available right now – we’ve just put it up. So if you don’t want to wait or you are living outside the distribution area, you can download it straight away, from today, the 29th of October

Salobreña November Cultural Agenda

From 5th to 11th Jenny Ainsley & Roberts – Vision Sala de Exposiciones, municipal libraary Open from: 10:30h to 14:00h & 17:00h to 20:30h. Entrance Free. Friday 9th Conference on the History of Salobreña (Neolithic to the Pheonicians) Venue: Municipal Library Starting: 20:00h. Friday 16th Theatre: Los Timadores (The Con-Men) Venue: Auditorio Starting: 20:00h Entrance:…

Who is Who & Who am I?

Each of us is colonised, inside and out, by micro-organisms. More than three pounds of micro-organisms in our gut alone, and many more on our skin.In fact, we harbour 10 microbial cells for each one of our own cells. If our microbial partners were merely fellow travellers with no effects on our health, their invisible…