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A Bit Dim

A man phoned the police to say that thieves had broken into his home, beaten him up and stolen his property… but there was a problem.

Old House New Use

Deep in the Alpujarra, there is a hamlet called Mairena, which is a municipal dependency of Nevada. This rural cluster has a population of only 247 inhabitants. One of them, a 37-year-old man, was arrested for allegedly converting old school housing into a thriving Marihuana plant nursery.

Revealing Fire

The fire service was called to put out a fire in a flat, but whilst they were busy doing that, they couldn’t help noticing 171 marihuana plants…

Cake Intake Mistake

Seven youngsters ended up in hospital after eating a cannabis-laced cake. The girl who cooked it, who also needed medical attention, was not held in custody but released pending trial, although the judge decided soon after to drop the charges.

Wobbly Weeds

A 42-year-old fruit farmer from Almuñécar was nabbed by the Guardia Civil for being too experimental with his crops –