Hit The Beach

The craft beached rapidly and the occupants raced for cover in the rocks - but this wasn't D-Day 1944 but a jet-ski landing on Calahonda beach with four occupants.

ECO Moto Acuatico Jet SkiIn fact it was around 20.30h, as dusk was closing in, last Saturday when the three passengers and a man at the controls, run up onto the beach in Calahonda and then scattered.

The last beachgoers who were packing up were so surprised that they phoned 112.

The call centre immediately suspected that they were immigrants entering the country illegally and alerted the Policía Nacional. The police soon located the four men, one of whom was a minor, and took them to Motril Port to be attended by the Cruz Roja and thence processed.

The Guardia Civil, in the meantime, put the jet-ski on a trailer and carted it off to the vehicle compound.

(News: Calahonda, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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