Sheltering on An Islet

The Servicio Marítimo belonging to the Guardia Civil transferred several dozen immigrants to Motril Port after locating them on an islet near Alborán Island.

AND Mar de AlboránAll of the 80 people rescued, except for two women, were males from the Magreb area of North Africa (Morocco/Algeria). Some of the males will have bone tests to determine whether they are minors or not, which is the only way to judge a young person’s age where no documentation is available.

Cruz Roja were waiting at the dock for the rescue launch’s arrival to provide them with dry clothing, sustenance and a medical check up. Some had cuts and minor injuries as well as sunburn from exposure to the elements in an open boat.

They were also immediately tested for Covid and after all processing was complete, the Cruz Roja volunteers handed them over to the Policía Nacional to be taken to the Centro de Atención Temporal de Emigrantes within the port area.

Here they will remain for a maximum of 72 hours before being moved on or sent back.

(News/Noticias: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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