The Ones Who Never Made It

A total of five bodies were washed up on beaches along the coast of Almeria during Monday night and Tuesday morning.

AND Couple Drown in Cabo de Gata JN21The emergency number 112 received the first call at 23.20h Monday night after somebody strolling on the Playa de Puerto Rey (Vera) came across the body of a young boy and a woman.

The second call came the next day at 10.30h when the body of a man was found on Playa de Los Algarrobicos (Carboneras).

Then at 10.55h a call came from Mojácar where the bodies of two women were found on Playa del Indalo.

In each case the coordinator called out the Guardia Civil and the Policía Local, as well as the Andalusia health authorities (for the recovery of the bodies).

Editorial comment: when you hear somebody complaining about immigrants, ask them what the hell do they think drives people to take these risks that so many times ends in tragedy? These are desperate people; not criminals, not ‘bloody foreigners’, not ‘looky-looky men,’ as snobs contemptuously call them. 

Would those that complain about immigrants take their wife and child in a small, inadequately equipped, open boat to cross the Mediterranean? You don’t have to be hiding in Kabul to feel the need to get to somewhere safer whatever it costs. 

(News: Almeria, Andalucia).

  2 comments for “The Ones Who Never Made It

  1. Fred Davies
    September 22, 2021 at 8:03 pm

    Exactly Ed, it is a desperate state of affairs. Of course the criminal elements who often facilitate the crossings are never seen in such dodgy craft and of course profit hugely on peoples’ misery

  2. Jennifer Comley
    September 22, 2021 at 3:47 pm

    There’s a wonderful poem by Warsan Shire about this , containing the line …..
    Nobody puts their child in a boat unless the sea is safer than the land.

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