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Reader’s Letter: For Sale

By Gazette Reader

A reader phoned us to ask whether we did a small ads section; we don't, so we suggested instead that she sent us a reader's letter, reproduced here below. »

Motril Chiringuito for Sale?

By Vivienne Hughes

On a buy & sell, online website, where you normally find second-hand bicycles and computers, one offer stood out: Motril chiringuito:- 800,000 euros. »

Fell from Balcony

By Vivienne Hughes

A man died on Easter Monday (10th) in the coastal village of Melicena after he fell from his flat balcony, trying to put up a ‘For Sale’ sign. »

Mining Town for Sale

By Martin Myall

You’ve probably heard of hamlets being sold off; a scattering of dilapidated houses, but this article deals with a whole mining town. Ciñera de Gordón, in León, has 128 single-family dwellings, 12 flats, a football ground, swimming pool, supermarket, cinema, restaurant and a medical centre… plus two mines with thousands of tonnes of coal... »

My Organ’s for Sale

By Duncan Inglis

A man in the Huelva town of Isla Cristina is, besides camping outside of the town hall in petition for help to his unemployment problem, offering one of his kidneys for sale in the hopes of solving his economic woes. »

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