Reader’s Letter: For Sale

RLT Power Plate 4 saleA reader phoned us to ask whether we did a small ads section; we don’t, so we suggested instead that she sent us a reader’s letter, reproduced here below.

Dear Sir,

in response to our telephone conversation I herewith send you the details concerning the Power Plate I would wish to sell.

Due to a little accident I am not allowed to use the power plate anymore (which I profoundly regret) so I’m putting it on sale at half price.

A few minutes of quick workout will increase all muscle strength and bone density (it is proven against osteoporosis), blood circulation, cellulite buster etc. It has the same or even better results than a 60 minutes exercise programme. Scientifically proven.

The characteristics are:
Power Plate MY 3 is a full-body, home, vibration machine (bought at the sports department of Corte Ingles Málaga). Like newTwo handles and hand straps and 3 large, support cushions (of different softness) included.
Instructions book and poster, original document included
Price €1,500 instead of €3,000

If you are interested, please contact the above email address ithheld]

With kind regards

Beatrice Schotsmans

Now, we don’t want to turn Readers’ Letters into a buy, swap & sell service as it will get out of hand, obviously, but if you do need to buy or sell something urgently, and have tried everything else, then write a reader’s letter with the details and send it to us by email to the publisher. There is no charge.

If you’re interested in contacting Beatrice, then leave a comment below and we will send you her email address.

(New/Reader’s Letter: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)


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