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Almuñécar Old Town Crumbles

If you venture up into the Barrio San Miguel, Almuñécar, where the castle stands, you will find at least two streets cordoned off with work barriers or fences: Calle Clavelico and Calle Nueva.

Expensive Demolition

The Junta de Andalucia now knows how much it will cost to demolish the controversial, macro-hotel, Hotel Azata, which was built on protected land on Playa Algarrobico in Carboneras, Almería – seven million euros!

Making Illegal Houses Legal

The new decree issued by the Junta de Andalucia has the Motril Town Hall scratching its collective head – they see it as difficult to apply. But it’s not only the Town Hall, but the ecologist group, Buxus, too.

Hotel at the Mercy of…

The Supreme Court has handed down its finding on the appeal made over the excessive structure on the Bahía Hotel, Taramay. They have left it in the hands of the claimant whether the offending part should be demolished.

Hands Off

The Regional Council for Culture has said ‘hands off’ to the Town Hall over their plans to demolish the Alcoholera (The old building where the municipal TV station is housed, between the park and La Esplanada)

Demolition Order?

Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Andalucía upholds the Junta’s case against the Town Hall and the development company, Playa Costa Tropical S.L., in which the Junta demands that the original building licence be revoked, because the urbanisation is sitting on green-belt land.

Hotel Demolition?

The Regional Supreme Court has just rejected the Town Hall’s last possible appeal against a sentence that will force Hotel Bahía Tropical (Taramay) to carry out partial demolition.

Majuelo Stage to be Demolished

The stage structure or auditorium in the Parque Majuelo is in a lamentable state of disrepair and badly in need funds, so when the town received a healthy amount of cash for infrastructure projects from the Central Government, hands were set to work to draw up an impressive project for the park, but…