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Beach Road Improvements

You will have noticed that where the Las Tejas riverbed crosses the beach road the latest work has left it in a damned civilized manner – no more crocodiles and mantraps… The Espinar might be full of weeds and palm-tree cuttings, which deserves criticism, but this modification at the river mouth deserves praise.

New Tapa Bar in the Village

Chef, Miguel Castilla, proprietor of Almuñécar’s Restaurante Reina Sofía, has opened a tapas bar in front of Hotel Almijarra in Edificio Bahía Jardín, with the name Sacacorchos (Corkscrew) .

Four Found Guilty

Nothing like starting off a section with a bit of judicial retribution, so let’s start with the blighters that have received 6-month suspended sentences for starting a fire!

Police Camera Stolen

Still on a judicial note, a man has been found guilty of stealing a Guardia Civil surveillance camera that they had set up to monitor the sale of drugs.

Springfield Arrives in Almunecar

Good news for the youthful fashion-junkies as Cortefiel S.A. is opening a branch of their Springfield in Almuñécar; in fact, it should already be open for business, because the launch date was set for the 24th of June.

80 Missing Packages

The Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera (the briny branch of the Guardia Civil equivalent to Customs and Excise) has been busy looking for 80 parcels of hashish that was thrown overboard by smugglers during a chase just off Almunecar.

New Fire Engine

The Almunecar fire service will be receiving another toy to their vehicle collection, which is a 3,000-litre bowser/fire engine.

Just Not Cricket

Nobody could have failed to notice the new street flower displays; large square, chest-type affairs that line Avenida de Andalucia, for example. Well, all those different flowers and plants have obviously been too much of a temptation for many, because as soon as the plant boxes had been decked out with an array of flowering shrubs they disappear,

Parting Victory

One of the last victories for Benny before his electoral defeat was a National Supreme Court decision that decided in the Town Hall’s favour and against the Junta de Andaluia.