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Segovía 2012 Competition Winners

Classical guitarist, Gabriel Bianco, becomes the 2012 winner of the Andrés Segovia, international, classical guitar competition, held in the Civic Centre of La Herradura. This young musician is the second Frenchman to win this prestigious competition, after Bertrand Pietu won it five years ago.

Chilean Winner for Segovia 1st Prize

The 31-year-old, Chilean competitor, Renato Serrano Muñoz took the top prize at the annual classical-guitar competition in La Herradura, as well as the special prize, Leo Brouwer, which is awarded for the best rendition of the Dos Cantares piece by Antón García Abril.

XXVII International Classical Guitar Competition

This date in the International agenda of La Herradura is one of the village’s greatest achievements in self promotion. Young guitarists from all over the world put their names down for the arduous competition in the quest for international recognition and prize money.