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Boat Mystery

Well, if you are taking a few rays this year, it looks like you should be looking for danger from the other direction. This is, of course, news that a boat, with nobody on board, crashed onto the rocks at the Punta-de-la-Mona end of the bay.

Cocaine Find

The Guardia Civil have recovered a package from the sea, just off Punta de la Mona, containing 26 kilos of cocaine.
The find came as a result of a tip-off from someone who said there appeared to be a strange looking package, wedged between rocks, in the shallows just off the Punta.

Costly Corpse

Another sign of the times. A Town Hall employee has been detained by the Guardia Civil, accused of trying to extort €750 from a widow who was looking to bury some family remains in the village cemetery. Allegedly, the employee was looking for a private ‘payoff” in order to supply a ‘niche’ in the local cemetery for the aforesaid remains.

Boat Booty

The Guardia Civil recently intercepted a boat three miles off the coastline of Motril, whose occupants were clearly up to no good on their arrival. Firstly, one of the occupants of the boat (which was called Wiwi and flying a Gibraltar flag), was thrown out of the boat into the icy waters followed quickly by an inflatable boat.

Cádiar Guardia Civil

The old Guardia Civil post in Cádiar will provide for a museum, whose theme is the Alpujarra, as well as two meeting places; one for ladies and another for pensioners.

Drug Store?

A little bit of special Christmas shopping was nipped in the bud, when the Guardia Civil swooped on what has been described as a ‘drugs supermarket.’

Policemen Arrested

An internal investigation by the Guardia Civil resulted in the arrest, amongst others, of two G.C. policemen stationed in Almuñécar.

Beach Brolly Rebellion!

You will all remember the great beach brolly rebellion of 2004, when the Mayor, for the first time, banned unattended beach equipment, under threat of being confiscated.