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The Coffin Scandal

SPN The Coffin Scandal

More arrests were made on Thursday the 21st of last month over the case of the Coffin Scandal in Valladolid; a sordid case of coffin substitutions.

Speeding Canadian

SPN Guardia Civil Traffic Control

In the afternoon of the 18th a Canadian driver was caught doing 137 kph – not so fast, you might think, but it was within a 50-kph-limit area.

Tick Bite Death

SPN Tick DeathJPG

Around 100 people are under medical observation in Ávila after a man died of Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever, transmitted by a tick.

The AP-6 Controversy

SPN AP6 Scandal 03

(COE12/HMI08 ) A snow storm that had 3,000 vehicles trapped on a motorway in the Province of Segovia on Saturday night has transformed into a political storm with calls for those responsible to resign.