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The Dog Killers

AND Dog Killers

Up in Valverde de la Virgen (Leon) a 47-year-old man stands accused of tying his dog to the rear of his car, making it run home, resulting in it dying from exhaustion.



Every time there is a false denuncia where domestic violence is concerned, it is a stab in the back to women who really are victims of this plague.

Sexist Female Judge?

The top governing body for the judiciary (CGPJ) is investigating a female judge who asked a victim of sexual abuse, “Did you keep your legs well closed?”

Pepper Sprayed In-Laws

SPN Pepper Sprayed Inlaws

Admit it; you’ve dreamed of pepper-spraying your mother-in-law but whilst you’ve kept you vengeful fantasies at bay, and man from Valladolid did exactly that.