Not The Guardia Civil

La Guardia Civil in Zamora are not happy bunnies because somebody has been using their name for a magazine in order to gain advertising... not guilty, Your Honour!

SPN Guardia Civil MagazineConsequently they have pointed out that there is only one official Guardia Civil magazine and it is not financed through advertising.

This is not the first time that unscrupluous individuals have used the good name of the corps because such pseudo GC magazines often pop up during the first months of the year for yearly advertising, preying on people who think it has something to do with the Guardia Civil and wish to support them.

The only official magazine for this elite police force is simply called Guardia Civil which does not ask for money from indiviuals, businesses or local institutions. They do not phone anybody asking for donations.

When they do turn up at your door, it is because you have either been quite naughty or they had found you lost, wandering around a mountain, and brought you home, full stop.

(News: Zamora, Castilla-León)

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