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Harsh Words Against Rojas

The Mayor of Salobreña, Gonzalo Fernández Pulido, had some harsh words for the ex-Mayor of Motril Carlos Rojas, who is now a regional MP and had appeared in the town to criticise the IBI increase.

Casa Garach

The Motril Town Council has approved a change to the building category of the historic and centric building known as Casa Garach, which will allow it to be turned into a hotel.

The Empire Strikes Back

The Motril Town Hall has issued a press release in response to the local IU party’s criticism of the inland-marina project. They want to know on what information the IU based its findings that state the marina project would cause damage to the Charca de Suarez bird sanctuary.

Olly and Fred

Ironically enough (in the almost Alanis Morisette interpretation of the word) despite being nearly washed off the hillside by torrential rain, Olías and Fregenite are still without mains drinking water.

Band On The Rocks

It’s been a very rocky month indeed for the band of Motril who were told by the Council that they would have to play their final tune due to lack of funds. Amidst ‘crisis’ cutbacks to try and save a bit of Motril’s dwindling cash supplies the Council concluded that the 146-year-old band, was a luxury the town could survive without.