The Empire Strikes Back

The Motril Town Hall has issued a press release in response to the local IU party’s criticism of the inland-marina project. They want to know on what information the IU based its findings that state the marina project would cause damage to the Charca de Suarez bird sanctuary.

The IU claimed that the Town Hall had based its glowing assessment on the proposed marina project upon an unsigned university report; i.e., a document that nobody had seen fit to back with their name and reputation. To this observation, the Mayor, Carlos Rojas, pointed out that the said report was elaborated by the Centro Andaluz de Medio Ambiente, and signed by the university professor, Miguel Ángel Losada Rodríguez.

The said academic gentleman found that the marina “produced no impact upon the Charca de Suarez wetlands. Furthermore, Professor Losada considered that the marina would help regenerate the beach area, namely Playa Granada.

The Mayor concludes his riposte by saying that it is very sad that people are criticising a project that will improve the local economy: “It is very sad that they oppose the growth of our town.”

Furthermore, he considers that the project will turn Motril into a reference point for tourism in Andalucia, as it is a new concept for pleasure ports and more modern than those already existing.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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