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Ecologists Hit Out Over Gualchos Fire

The ecologist group, Buxus has described the recent Gualchos, mountain-brush fire as an ‘ecological disaster.’ The group condemns the fact there have been 20 attempts to set the area alight in recent years.

Wind-Powered Electricity Generators

The wind farm on the way to Lujar from Granada is generating a bit of controversy as well as electricity, it seems. The ecologist association, Buxus has denounced two of these impressive windmills – or ‘aero-generators’ as they are known in Spanish – for lacking the relevant relevant environmental controls.

Palm Problems

MOT avda Salo OnL

Now, we’ve all had it up to our eyeballs in construction work shenanigans in recent times but now it seems that our humble friend the palm tree is falling foul to restructuring plans. 150 palms are being uprooted along Motril’s Avenida de Salobreña, much to the horror of environment group, Buxus, who fear that many of them will not survive the replanting process.