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La Ventura

Just two minutes from the beach, this restaurant delivers on all fronts. The place itself would be worth a visit, even without the food, and it is just as beautiful now as it was when I used to partake of a drink or two there, nearly 30 years ago.

Meson Mari y Miguel

Accompanying the Ed to Mari y Miguel turned out to be a real treat. Expecting just a tapa or two with our beers, we were so impressed with the meat dish we sampled that we ended up getting a whole ration!

Los Laureles

If you visit the Almuñécar area, and don’t eat at Los Laureles at least once, then you should seriously consider a visit to the old ‘head doctor’ when you get home, because you’d have to be mad not to eat there!

La Ventura Photos

Everyone enjoys eating at La Ventura… the value for money you get with their delicious 10 euro menu del dia, is outstanding. You can even enjoy flamenco evenings and other entertainment. But the Ed and myself popped in for a quick beer the other day, and noticed they now have the most fantastic display of…

Mayor Found Guilty

Whilst we were still waiting for the verdict of the case against the Mayor, concerning the controversial closing down of the private company that run Almuñécar TV, the Mayor, on

Chiringuito Reprieve

The Chiringuitos can breathe more easily, at last. After two worrying years, and the last few months of cliff-dangling tension, this summer and the next 15 they can get down to doing business without having an

Raging Council Meeting

On the 20th of June, the Town Hall announced that it would put forward a motion in the council meeting that same week for the town to assume the costs of finishing off the two ‘paralyzed’ underground projects, which have amputated the town’s two extremities

Accident on the N-340

There was quite a nasty accident on the N-340, just past Taramay, in the Salobreña direction. A bloody great tanker lorry came hurtling round one of those tight bends between Urbanización Alfamar and the new Taramay roundabout and ploughed into a mini bus, as

Feria de Asociaciones

A total of 39 associations and clubs took part in the annual Encuentro de Voluntarios de Almuñécar y La Herradura, which was held in the Botanical Gardens, Parque Majuelo on the weekend of the