Granada Inland

News from inland Granada: Alpujarra, Lecrin Valley,Alti-plano & Poniente

Mayoress Slams Mancomunidad

Mayoress of Órgiva blames Carlos Rojas, in his capacity as Chairman of the Mancomunidad (local area council) for Olías and Fregenite’s lack of water, or better said, their not being connected to the mains water reservoir, located in the Contraviesa.

ITV for La Alpujarra

It might seem strange to be talking about 2011 as we begin 2010, but there is a bit of welcome news concerning a planned ITV station for Alpujarra for that year.

Blustery Three Kings

Locals say that this year’s Cabalgata de Los Reyes Magos, is going to be a blustery affair, because it will take the route of La Variente, which is pretty unprotected from the belligerent, chilling wind, hurtling down the mountain.

Fountain Folly

Órgiva lawyer, Miguel Ruiz Almodóvar, known locally for his lawyer’s office-cum-art gallery in the town’s main street, is engaged in a personal crusade against the Town Hall over the demolition and replacement of two fountains.

Reward for Missing TV’s

I’m looking at a press photo of a man called Ivan, who has a face that you wouldn’t like to inform that you got his daughter pregnant. But this has nothing to do with daughters or pregnancies, but has everything to do with TV’s.

Illegal Town Planning?

The Town Council of Lanjarón is being investigated over a spot of alleged ‘illegal’ town planning, bless them. A provincial delegate for the PP has accused the present incumbent in the Councillor for Town Planning’s office of being a bit liberal with his interpretation of building restrictions where his own house is concerned.


Órgiva hits the limelight thanks to the Junta de Andalucía choosing the capital of the Alpujarra as the subject of a national pilot project on sustainable urban development.

Kiddies’ Event

This month I went along to an event, organised by the Lanjarón Town Hall, aimed at young children. There was face-painting, coloured-sand arrangement workshops – there was even a fun course for making bracelets out of coloured macaroni.

Lanjarón Roadworks Update

Here’s the follow up on the roadworks in Lanjarón. As I promised, I went to find more info about it and I managed to get an interview with the works foreman, Nicolas Doce. This is what he told me: