More Movement in March?

The Junta PM, Juanma Moreno was in Padul yesterday where he was quizzed again over the lifting of restrictions.

GRA Juanma Moren OnL 19FB21He reiterated the words of the regional Minister of Public Health and Families, Jesus Aguirre, which were that after the 28th (Día de Andalucía) there might be some changes.

“If the contagion figures and hospitlisations drop at the end of the month, we could look at the possibility of opening up mobility and the restrictions on businesses a little, but always with limitations,” he said.

He went on to say, “we’re at the tail end of the pandemic, we’ve got the vaccines within reach and figures are dropping,” adding, “if we receive between two and four-million doses, we should have 70% of Andalusians vaccinated before summer.”

Earlier in the week the Vice-PM, Juan Marín, said that he had requested before the Central Government a vaccination certificate so that Andalucía could receive tourists for Semana Santa.

The PM in Padul finished on a more sombre note pointing out that 700 people have died in the last six days in Andalucia, “who are gone forever,” and urged people that as the year warms and people want to sit in the sun with a “cervecita,” they should keep their masks on, keeping a safety distance and above all, not to lose respect for capacity of the virus.

The PM was in Padul to attend the inauguration of the channeling work for the Rambla de Alcárceles.

Editorial comment: They’re going to blow it yet again. They blew it by opening up last summer, they blew it opening up for Christmas and now they’re hankering for opening up for Semana Santa. Each time, the pandemic comes back and bites us hard and hundreds of people die because of these short-sighted, politically motivated, decisions. Yes, the economy is desperate; very desperate, but if they open things up for Semana Santa…

(News: Padul, Valle de Lecrin, Granada, Andalucia)

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