Good Sierra Nevada Weekend

The Sierra Nevada ski resort had a good weekend - the snow might be fast disappearing on the south side but on the north side, there's still plenty.

GRA Sierra Nevada Skiers 22FB21 OnLSaturday saw 4,900 skiers using the slopes and then another 2,500 on Sunday; Saturday was excellent weather whereas Sunday it was a bit iffy.

According to the semi-public company that runs the ski resort, Cetursa, even on Sunday there were between eight and nine ski lifts working throughout the day thanks to the 47 kilometres of skiable snow in the five slopes. The only one that was not operative was was La Laguna.

The snow quality was hard powdered; in fact, it even snowed a little Sunday afternoon.

Three competitions were held: Trofeo White Camps de Alpino Infantil, Trofeo Ski Club Granada Alpino Infantil and Trofeo Club Nazarí de Baches. A fourth one, Trofeo Reyes Santa Olalla de Baches had to be suspended because of the wind.

The prevision for this week up to Thursday is 34 km with a 1,100 metre height difference in the Veleta, Borreguiles, Cauchiles and Rio, with six ski lifts. As for next weekend, the Copa de España Snowboard Cross & Ski Cross will be held there.

On a negative note, last Sunday the A-395 that gives access to Pradollano had to be closed in both directions owing to snow drifts on the surface between kilometre point 32 and 39. From KMP 23 snow chains were obligatory.

(News: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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