News from Granada city and its surroundings

Drunken & Violent Woman

The husband and father had had enough, which is when he finally went to the Guardia Civil to report his wife who, an alcoholic, had one too many times threatened not only him but their two children, aged 11 and 14.

Convenient Vows

Granada police investigate every year around 30 suspected marriages of convenience. This figure is down from two years ago when it shot up, in spite of the crisis.

Wild Boar Rampage

A man seeking wild mushrooms up the mountains along the Old Road to Granada was unpleasantly surprised when a wild boar came darting out of the bush to plunge his tusks into this calf.

Publication Update: January

OK, we got to the printer this morning, meaning that we could be out on the streets this Thursday evening (30th), but the printer doesn’t work over Friday, Saturday or Sunday, so if there are any hitches, the Gazette won’t be out until Monday the 3rd. ¡Viva España! The online edition, however, free from the…

Signs of Besieged Budgets

Nobody likes to pay fines – especially traffic ones – but nowadays it is not a case of liking it or not, because many people lack the funds to be able to pay them, so they do the only thing they can – appeal against the fine.

Transported in Ecstasy

The bloody grua (tow truck) gets everywhere and turns up at the most inopportune times – like when you’ve left the car unattended for a moment to rush into the Post Office.

Compulsory Vaccination

An outbreak of measles in the city of Granada has re-opened the debate over whether vaccinations should be optional or obligatory, where children are concerne